Here are a few samples of my work. Enjoy!

Sample #1: This is a case study for a coaching program...

Case Study: Lawyer-Turned-Copywriter Lands Client Within First Few Weeks With ‘Done For You’ Marketing System


“I’m a lawyer! I don’t know how to build a business!” 


Evan Jones wanted to leave her legal career behind and become a copywriter, but was stuck in a spot that many copywriters and other freelancers find themselves in: They don’t know how to market their services.


“I was wandering around in circles. I really needed direction,” she said.


Luckily for Evan, she had taken Jay White’s Email Copy Made Easy Masterclass through American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI) and knew that he also coached writers. 


Since she was already comfortable with Jay’s teaching style, hiring him to coach her was an easy decision. “His being informal is really helpful for me because I’m a very informal person.”


“He was always available...”


As soon as they started working together, Evan began to see why Jay is such a popular coach.


“During the early part of the coaching, what was really helpful was that reinforcement that I can actually do this.” 


“He’s just good at getting you to see what you can do and getting you to get the best of yourself out there.”


“He’s super flexible and works totally with your schedule.”


“You never feel like you can’t ask another question, and he never makes you feel like any of the questions are stupid. He was always available to answer a lot of questions.”


“...I would have never thought to do that.


And the result? Within a few weeks, Evan started getting replies to her prospecting emails and landed her first client.


The Done For You coaching program helps copywriters define their niches, build an effective online presence, craft marketing emails, and create quality portfolio pieces. Plus, students get one-on-one coaching calls, over 19 hours of video training, access to a private mastermind group, 10 daily job leads, and much more.


In talking with his students about their lives, “he figures out these niches that you’re thinking, ‘well, I would have never thought to do that.’ He’s totally great at that.”


“...I was just...blown away.”


And the Done For You marketing system includes one more thing that no other coaching program offers: Jay actually hand-picks the prospects that are best suited for his clients and even sends their carefully crafted emails out to those prospects.


“When he told me how many people he was going to send my marketing emails to, I was just...blown away.”


“I wasn’t expecting that at all.”


But Jay doesn’t stop there. Evan found out for herself why he is known for over-delivering to his students.


“He does go the extra mile. He sent me extra leads and extra tips. He sent extra rounds of emails to folks who were out of the office on the first try,” she said.


“When he sends out job leads, he doesn’t just send out the same job leads to everyone. He tailors them to your niches, personality, and interests. I wasn’t expecting that at all.”


“...all the encouragement and feedback that you could possibly want.”


Evan is really happy that she hired Jay.


“He’s a really great resource for distilling the process of going from somebody who knows something about how to actually make it work as a business.”


“If you don’t have someone to help you put the pieces together and you don’t have a business background, you’re just going to be guessing for a long time. He really takes the guesswork out of it and distills it down to really easy to follow steps, and with all the encouragement and feedback that you could possibly want.” 


“This is a system that I can use forever.”

Sample #2: This is an ezine ad for Power Force Sales Training…


New: 3 Proven Ways Your Sales Team Can Get More Appointments with Top Execs


It’s hard to get appointments with high-level executives like VPs. Wouldn’t you love to know how to get 3x more of them? 

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These are the very techniques used by the sales teams of companies like IBM and NCR. This 9-page PDF even has 2 email templates that you can use to reach VPs! 

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Sample #3: This is an email designed to promote Chill-O-Matic’s presence at a trade show…


Subject line: How you can attend the Restaurateur Trade Show for 1/2 price


Dear ,


You work long and hard to keep your restaurant profitable and competitive. You’re always looking for better methods and equipment to help you do this, and you know the best place to find them: the upcoming annual Restaurateur Conference and Trade Show.

Problem is the price of admission isn’t cheap. Add on the costs of travel and lodging and the total bill for this event can run pretty high. 


Chill-O-Matic will help pay your admission…

We have a half-price admission ticket waiting for you on the other side of this email. All you have to do is click the link below. There’s no purchase necessary and you’re under no obligation whatsoever.


…and we have one more surprise for you…

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But for now, click here for your no obligation half-price ticket to this year’s Restaurateur Conference and Trade Show with our compliments. We look forward to seeing you!




Jane Atkinson

Marketing Director, Chill-O-Matic, Inc.