So, who am I, anyway?


Well, here goes...


I’m an easygoing, bighearted, straight shooter who is also a great listener. I’m friendly and very easy to work with.


I was born in Detroit, raised in Indianapolis, and now live in Lakewood, CO


I like to make jokes, often at my own expense.


Any animal lovers out there? Join the club!


I’m a pescatarian who digs exercise, learning, and new experiences.


I love to travel--only 10 states to go before I’ve seen all fifty.


I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I am a Columbo junkie!


Oh, uh, just one more thing--I have vertigo and am terrified of heights (I don’t even like being this tall!).


Here’s what a couple of friends have to say about me...


“...the definition of what it means to be someone’s friend…”


“If there was a place in the dictionary for the phrase ‘True Friend’, there would be a picture of Jeff. This man is the definition of what it means to be someone’s friend.


Honesty, big heart, and loyalty. Three rare qualities in a person, but Jeff embodies them all fully!!!”


--Joseph Schor, Promotions Director, National Ballpark Museum, Denver, CO


“HIs moral compass is always on point...”


“Jeff has always conducted himself not only in a professional manner, but as a kind, generous man. His moral compass is always on point and he has never been anything but kind, patient, and fair with me. 


He is always one to rise above and show kindness when most would choose to take the lesser route.


Having known Jeff, is to know one of the best.”


--Shantal Meloy, radiology technician, Denver, CO

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